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Business & Estate Legal Services

Corporate Services

Gallant Law is able to assist small businesses in a variety of corporate law services. These services include matters such as: incorporations, rollovers, sale of a business, reorganizations, contracts, and creation and wind down of trusts, as well as many other corporate legal services.

Estate Planning

With proper estate planning including documents such as a will, power of attorney and personal directive documents, you can have control over your estate. You are also able to make provisions in the event that you are unable to make your own decisions due to a loss of capacity.


Probate is the legal process by which a deceased individual’s estate is confirmed and distributed, with the Probate Court overseeing the process. The Probate Court serves to ensure that all beneficiaries whether from a will or under the Intestate Succession Act, are notified and inherit their share from the estate.

Adult Representation

An adult representation application often must be made where there is no valid power of attorney or personal directive, and an adult does not have capacity to govern his or her own affairs. The application process exists to appoint a representative to make either or both financial and personal care decisions for a represented adult.